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About Us

Mississippi Group Marketing (MGM) was formed September of 1995.  Alan Tanguay was its founder after spending 15 plus years in corporate setting of employee benefits. The focus of MGM in its early development was providing benefits to employer sponsored health and retirement programs for employers of two (2) or more employees.

During the implementation period of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, the dynamics of our business platform changed to broaden the scope of our services.  This included all compliance support for employers who had more than fifty (50) fulltime employees. Communication efforts for employers who had less than fifty (50) fulltime employees and the impact it had when employers did not provide a health program and the impact on employees.

Going forward in 2018-we begin new visions with engaging a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to support our client base in providing Human Resource support, to included payroll programs, workers comp; all compliance support and communication, update employee handbook, Department of Labor (DOL) compliance and much more.

We found a “nitch” to support the Medicare Community, not just for those who are approaching retirement but for those still working who need guidance as to: should I stay on my employer plan or take Medicare; there are different consideration if you're 65 and work for an employer who has less than (20) employees, or 20 plus employees.